Tourists are knowledgeable about many things, like how to use a sidewalk and how to score the best deals while visiting city attractions. And now, they have discovered the Best Restaurant In New York City. Do these tourists agree with venerable inspectors at Michelin? Or the experienced diners at Zagat? No, for this great honor they have chosen Via Della Pace Pizza, an Italian restaurant that opened in July in the East Village. BEST. FOOD. IN. NEW. YORK. CITY.

An amused reader tipped off EVGrieve to the restaurant's TripAdvisor page, which shows that 21 five-star reviews have catapulted the pizzeria to the number one spot to eat in New York City...out of 11,529 restaurants listed by the site. Reviews dub their pizza the "best outside of Italy" and that the desserts are "TO DIE FOR!!" Yelpers—in their infinite wisdom—also love the restaurant.

We're certainly not saying one wouldn't be "BLOWN AWAY!!" by the "UNBELIEVABLE!" food at Via Della Pace Pizza, but TripAdvisor's algorithm is in serious need of an upgrade if such a small sampling is able to elevate one restaurant to a status usually reserved for Daniel (# 2) or even more casual spots like Faicco's Pork Store (#3), which has been around forever. The takeaway here is that next time you're looking for a new dinner spot, ask the tourists: they're quite savvy.