As if you needed another reason to avoid the Times Square Toys R Us, beware of falling M&M's machines! A mother of two from Pennsylvania is suing a candy dispenser manufacturer after a 25-pound M&M dispenser fell on her in the tourist-clogged toy emporium. The Daily News reports that on October 26, 2008, Elizabeth Flickinger was attempting to fill a bag of light blue M&M's for her son when the dispenser came loose from its mounting, hit her on the forehead and twisted her neck. Last week in Brooklyn federal court, Flickinger recalled the incident, saying "my vision went black for a couple of seconds. All I'm thinking is, [I've] got to catch this thing so it doesn't land on the kids. I remember myself and my boys screaming for help"

Flickinger seeks unspecified millions in damages from Trade Fixtures, the company that makes the dispensers, claiming "excruciating headaches, a herniated disk, loss of income and a diminished sex life with her husband" as a result of the accident. James Burke, a lawyer representing Trade Fixtures, argued that there has never been a similar incident among the 50,000 other dispensers currently in use and that Flickinger didn't report her injuries for over six months following the incident. Additionally, a Toys R Us employee claims Flickinger's son was responsible for "yanking on the swing down arm," though the family claims that's not true.

The Flickingers reached a settlement with M&M's in a prior suit for an undisclosed sum, while a jury absolved Toys R Us employees of negligence in a suit filed by the family in Pennsylvania. Suffice to say, if the Flickingers ever return to the store, they should probably stick to the psychadelic mushroom candy dispensers from now on.