2006_01_food_cobbsalad.jpgConsidering that the Cobb Salad originated at Hollywood's legendary Brown Derby, New York has surprisingly embraced the dish as if it was a hometown creation.

The classic combo of chopped lettuce, avocado, tomato, grilled or poached chicken breast, hard boiled eggs, bacon and blue cheese is seen on a wide variety of menus and in a wide variety of venues across town. Some New Yorkers claim that Michael's $30 version is the city's best - well at least the city's media glitterati think so. Others are die-hard fans of the EJ's Luncheonette rendition, spiked with spicy Tuscan peppers. And, celebrity chef Bobby Flay has his own interpretation at Bar Americain, featuring succulent ribbons of rottiserie chicken and a buttermilk dressing.

But, what New York restaurant has the ultimate Cobb? Gothamist can't decide. What's your fave?