Pitmaster Josh Bowen, who runs the acclaimed John Brown Smokehouse in Long Island City, is doubling down on his Queens 'cue operations by resurrecting his former pop-up Alchemy, Texas in a new space in Astoria. Bowen tells Eater he'll debut Mothership Meat Company later this year serving Texas-style barbecue, not the Kansas City stuff he's doing in LIC. Bowen tells us he's awaiting DOB approval to announce a specific location, but that it'll be somewhere in the Dutch Kills section.

Texan purists may want to stop reading here, as Bowen's planning to spice up his brisket and other meats with spice blends like garam masala and cooking fats like ghee, or clarified butter. "I'm not going to fusion it up or anything," Bowen promised Eater. "Spices are spices, however they taste. It will be salt and pepper with a little bit of extra love."

"I was born and bred in KC, lived in Austin, and then worked at Hill Country," Bowen told us earlier this year, so his Texan pedigree will be put to good use here. Also on tap: lots of beer—John Brown Smokehouse has a rad craft list—and a large outdoor patio, so it'll have a bit of the backyard feeling like the pop-up did back in Jackson Heights.