Get a little culture with your cutlets this weekend at UnionDocs, a Williamsburg documentary center that's screening some meat-centric programming, with a helping of commentary from a handful of the city's top chefs and butchers on the side.

On December 11, filmmakers Yoni Brook and Musa Syeed will screen their 26-minute film A Son's Sacrifice, which follows a 27-year-old Muslim advertising exec who quits his job to attempt to take over his father’s halal slaughterhouse in Queens. The film was shot in 2007, though today, the "pick-your-own" slaughterhouse is a favorite of discerning chefs and butchers.

Case in point: Dan Ross-Leutwyler of Fatty 'Cue, Jake Dickson of Dicksons Farmstand Meats, Hugues Dufour of M.Wells Diner, and Tom Mylan of The Meat Hook will be on hand to discuss the state of the meat industry in New York today and what they make of the Islamic approach toward eating animals. They'll also be bringing snacks (naturally) of a meaty nature, because nothing gets your appetite going like a documentary about slaughterhouses!

Brook and Syeed will also be screening another of their documentaries, Bronx Princess, a coming-of-age documentary following a teenager who leaves New York to reunite with her father in Ghana. The screenings are technically free, though there's a $9 suggested donation.