Last night was the finale of Top Chef New York. The final cheftesants standing were Stefan (aka the European), Carla (aka the chef with love), and Hosea (aka the chef who really hated Stefan), and they were tasked to create a three-course meal—not including the last minute twist, of course. Some thoughts about the finale and season overall below (spoilers are after the jump):

  • Didn't everyone wish Hosea would just make out with Stefan already? He hated Stefan so much, it was clearly love!
  • What was going on with Gail Simmons' boobs?
  • If only there could have been a real throwdown over the foie gras and caviar.
  • The return of former finalists was welcome—Blais! Marcel with his AstroBoy hair! Casey!
  • Except for the fact that Casey's suggestions doomed Carla. Poor Carla—she's too nice! We hope she wins a fan favorite prize.
  • Stefan wasn't a villain—in fact, he's a secret softie, as shown by how he was trying to comfort Carla.
  • Yay, Fabio came back for the finale.
  • Ugh, Toby Young was back for the finale.
  • Hosea was anointed the winner, which was anti-climactic. He's supposedly a seafood chef, but his seafood dishes have been hit or miss all season. Just sayin'.
All in all, it was an uneven season of Top Chef, with our favorite challenges being the Last Supper and the Le Bernardin challenge.