topcheflogo.jpgWe recently received a press release in the Gothamist feedbag announcing the arrival of “Top Chef: The Cookbook.” Being a major Top Chef junkie, we were pretty excited about this one. The official scoop is that the book, the "official companion cookbook" the #1 food show on cable will arrive in March and have:

  • More than 100 Quick Fire Challenge and Elimination Round recipes from the first three seasons of the series;
  • "In-depth discussions" with all involved - the contestants, judges and crew - to shed light on the behind-the-scenes prep work, like coming up with challenges and familiar lines like "Pack up your knives and go."
  • Top Chef pantry photographs to make you jealous.

Mmm! Then again, most of our favorite recipes are already online, including Elia's breakfast waffle with beans and prosciutto, Casey's veal medallions with crimini and apple brandy sauce (served on a plane, no less), and Dave's black truffle mac and cheese. What we really want is the dirt -- was everyone high the night they decided to shave their heads? Did Padma have the hots for CJ? Who hooked up? Does Casey tire of being compared to Jennifer Aniston? And is Sam looking for a dinner date anytime soon? Well, if we learn how to make Hung's insane Smurf Village Quick Fire, we can wait until March to find out.