In one of the more bizarre, if endearing, fundraisers we've heard of, a Red Hook bartender is planning a 15-hour marathon ping pong tournament next Saturday to raise money for his much-needed dental work (the result of a car accident several years ago). And not only is bartender Jamie, whose lack of teeth hasn't held him back from a rigorous ping pong training schedule, playing nonstop at B61 Bar from 1 p.m. to 4 a.m., but he is challenging well-documented tabletop doyenne Susan Sarandon to a match as well.

In his self-produced video, Jamie beckons the star, explaining, "I really, really need teeth. Give me one hour, just an hour. You know what? Give me two games. No—give me three games. Best of three. Susan Sarandon, I dare you!" Maybe he'll get lucky and she'll come spank him? Or even if Sarandon wimps out, we hear ping pong's a great place to meet hot babes.

If you'd like to try your reverse penhold backhand grip against Jamie, swing by B61 Bar on Saturday, April 30. Here's another of Jamie's videos, for a little background info on his tooth situation (or lack thereof).

UPDATE: A tipster wrote in to provide the link to the Paypal account where dental care donations are being accepted, if you are so inclined.