In a real world example of supply and demand economics, the proliferation of Southeast Asian eateries on and around Williamsburg's main commercial street has hurt business, according to neighborhood restaurateurs. The pad thai business is ailing in a three block area centered around Bedford Avenue and North Sixth Streets, where four Thai and three Asian fusion restaurants compete, according to the Brooklyn Paper — which dubs the enclave "Brooklyn's Little Bangkok."

“We’re struggling,” said Tom Malipol, a manager at Noodle Studio on North Fifth Street. “There are too many Thai restaurants in the area. It’s very hard.” A waitress at Tai Tai on Bedford Avenue agreed: "We all share customers," said the server, who noted that the Thai eateries have only been able to stay open thanks to "tourists and hipsters." News of the restaurateurs struggles comes just two months after the closure of pioneering Williamsburg Thai restaurant Planet Thailand, a shuttering that the Village Voice deemed "the end of an era."