In just two weeks we will no longer be barraged with emails asking us to "Get Pizza With Mitt" or "Go Cow Tipping With The Vice President." But until then, we have to be Very Serious about the momentous decision we have to make, and tonight that means drinking alcoholic beverages and watching the third and final presidential debate. The central focus of the contest is foreign policy, or as the president's camp is framing it, I Rain Down Death From The Sky, What's Foreign Policy Like In Massachusetts? Here are a few places where you can enjoy this spirited discussion in the company of total strangers.

The Stand, a restaurant and comedy club in the East Village, is hosting an event with live commentary from comedians Yannis Pappas, Nate Bargatze, and Dave Smith. Internet "personality" Lauren Francesca is moderating the discussion. This event sounds fun if you think that the "undecided voter meter" on the screen isn't distracting enough. Oh, and they also sell tater tot nachos. Tickets are $10.

Galapagos Art Space in DUMBO will be playing the debate on its massive 14' by 12' screen. There are no comedians, unless you count the wry cracks coming from the sides of the digerati's whiskey-filled mouths (we don't).

City Winery will be also be showing the debate, free of charge, which should kill enough time before you stroll down to your 10:30 resey at Nobu.

The Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick is holding a raffle during the debate with "awesome prizes." One can only pray that they do not involve binders or women or a pill jar labeled as "Romnesia medication."

If you'd rather not watch the debate with the Bums, the NYC Downtown Republican Meetup is showing the debate at 178 Mott Street. This location also used to house the Ron Paul phone bank, and if you listen reaaaalllll closely on a cold, autumn's night, you might still be able to hear the spirits of those callers whisper, "Eeeeennnnnddddd thhhheeee FEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDD. Gooooo baaaccckkk too GOOOOOOOLLLDDDD" Scary stuff. Good thing it's free.

Finally, if you'd prefer to stay home with a pint of ice cream (agoraphobes are Americans too) but don't have cable TV now might be a good time to try out Aereo, the TV service that costs $12 a month and gives you 29 basic cable channels (including all the major networks). They're offering a free trial from 9 to 11 tonight, perfect for those who may want to periodically flip the channel from the debate to something more intellectual on The CW.