Gothamist's rumor radar screen was on right the money in November.

Indeed, Audrey Saunders and her crew of merry barmen and barmaids are whipping up warming Tom & Jerry cocktails at her luxe, yet laid-back Soho lounge, Pegu Club. This riff on the classic Egg Nog is one of Saunders favorite hot toddies, and she invited Gothamist behind-the-scenes to see first-hand how the heady concoction is composed. (We had long suspected it was comprised of sugar, cream and spirits. And, we weren't too far off the mark...)

The recipe begins with a dozen farm fresh eggs and the separation of their sunny yolks from whites.


Next, yolks were whipped like a bad boy at boarding school. Mounds and mounds of glorious white sugar were added, as well as rum and spices that imbued the nose with memories of Christmas cookies baking in the oven.


Apparently, the whites had also displayed naughtiness - enough to warrant a whipping until glossy, frothy and light.

Then the mixtures were gently combined.


Batter was dolloped in to glass mugs, awaiting a glug of Cognac followed by a glug of more rum.


The spirited batter was topped with steaming hot milk, given a stir and a wee grate of fresh nutmeg.


The result: hot heaven in an Irish Whiskey glass. Gothamist had finally found the adult version of a child's holiday fantasy. And, yes folks, it does come with calories aplenty. And, yes Virginia, you'll need to show some ID.

Pegu Club
77 W Houston St
New York, NY 10012
(212) 473-7348