Raw cookie dough is soooo yummy, but some people with weak immune systems have gotten E. coli poisoning from it, and now we all have to suffer because Nestle is recalling their Toll House cookie dough products, even though some 66 reported illnesses haven't been linked directly to Toll House. The voluntary recall includes refrigerated cookie bar dough, cookie dough tub, cookie dough tubes, seasonal cookie dough and—it gets worse—Ultimates cookie bar dough! We don't know what that is, but it's the Ultimates so we want it in our mouth holes. The Toll House products do have warnings on their packaging about the dangers of raw dough, but with the FDA and CDC now investigating the E. coli/cookie dough connection, the company decided it would be best to just take it out of harm's way, like we're irresponsible children who'll eat whatever's in front of us. And in other corporate food product news, Pizza Hut execs would like you to start calling their company "The Hut," which they think "ties in nicely with (today's) texting generation." cu@hut l8r?