2008_12_hot_chocolate.jpgA mostly vegetarian take-out restaurant named Salud—specializing in fresh juices, soups-from-scratch, and sandwiches—is now open in Midwood. Owner Eduardo Larios (an Art Director during the week) and family opened up the small shop a few weeks ago on a mostly gloomy dead end stretch of Avenue H, just off Coney Island Avenue, and Salud has quickly become one of the neighborhood's brightest spots.

Larios and family serve thoughtful, if not standard-issue fresh juice blends bearing cute names (You Got The Beet; Gowanus Green), and there’s a pass-through soup station window at the back of the shop that allows a view of Salud’s tiny kitchen—soups are $3.95 and the menu changes often. Peanut butter and jelly that are featured in the sandwich bearing the same name are made in-house (with apple and banana, $2.95). Salud’s menu likely also marks the very first-ever appearance of a BLT made with tofu bacon ($5.95) on a Flatbush-Midwood area restaurant menu.

Larios also imports organic cacao beans and pulverizes them with a proprietary blend of spices to make Mexican Hot Chocolate. With the addition of steamed organic milk (but also available with soy), the Starbucks-beating price tag of $2.25 buys you one of the best hot chocolates your likely to find in Brooklyn, period: Salud’s brew is subtly spicy, redolent of cinnamon and vanilla. And $10 buys a big box of the mix to take home for making your own. [via Flatbush Vegan]

Salud // 1308 Avenue H // Brooklyn