Yesterday, LIFE Magazine held a "Battle of the Boroughs" pizza contest to determine the best pizza in New York. Competing for the trophy were DeMarco's in Manhattan, Joe & Pat's in Staten Island, L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn, Louie & Ernie's in The Bronx, and Singas Famous in Queens. Because it involved pizza, Adam Kuban from Slice was there, not only to cover it, but as one of the judges. Adam writes that the pizza was judged on five factors, "Presentation (worth 20%), Crust (20%), Sauce (20%), Cheese (10%), and Overall Quality (30%)" and that the pizzerias were selected on the LIFE website a few weeks ago. Seems like there are some odd choices to the bunch, but so it goes. The eventual winner was DeMarco's from Manhattan. Pretty impressive for a new establishment that had mixed reviews after it opened.

What do you think the best pizza in the five boroughs is?

Photo by Adam Kuban