The 2005 Zagat New York City Gourmet Marketplace survey has been released. And what are New Yorkers' favorite markets? Places like Guss' Pickles and The Pickle Guys for pickles (duh) and Lobel's Prime Meats, which retained the survey's number one slot.

The entry of Fresh Direct onto the NYC scene has changed the way that many of us buy our groceries. According to the Post, 52 percent of the survey's Web shoppers purchase groceries online, compared with 16 percent in 2002, when the last edition of the guide was released.

2004_08_food_fdlogo.JPGGothamist must admit that, although it's not quite the same as heading to the local greenmarket to shop, there's something to be said for shopping online at Fresh Direct. It's quick and easy, and the food is generally high quality. They've recently added an organic section and local produce, and they provide a selection of Kosher products, too. The prices are comparable to our local supermarkets, and it's extremely convenient. Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to shop in your pajamas -- now that's hard to beat.