If you've been looking for a "personal" gift that your mother would appreciate more than a bootleg Carole King CD, RedFarm's putting their famed Black Truffle Soup Dumplings back on the menu at their SoHo and Upper West Side restaurants. And they'll only set you back a cool $20 (for two)! Happy 86th night of Hanukkah or whatever, Mom!

The chef/restauranteur team of Joe Ng and Ed Schoenfeld jacked the price up on these seasonal babies last year, but this time they're giving us a break of some sort. Andrew Jackson's face gets you two plump xiao long bao filled to the brim with chicken, pork and truffle broth, all topped with black truffle shavings.

They'll be on the menu for the rest of black truffle season, which ends when the "HAPPY FRIDAY DO YOU LIKE BESPOKE TRUFFLE COCKTAILS" pitches stop rolling in (Never? Tomorrow?) so grab them while you can. Or just go to Vanessa's, NBD.