The Daily News looks at the state of small restaurants, namely that they are more intimate and may be what some New Yorkers need after having to deal with the travails in bigger restaurants, where the staff may have less opportunity to see that you're getting what you want. Among the restaurants named are dessert bar Chikalicious, Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar, Ballato's, The Tasting Room, and one of Gothamist's favorites, 'ino. Ballato's owner Emilio Vitolo has three employees besides himself and tells the Daily News, "Everyone does everything here. Honestly, I wouldn't want a larger restaurant. It's small, but you can put a lot of love into it." It's true - some of the best dining experiences Gothamist has are at small restaurants, because usually people who are passionate at giving people a nice experience tend to start out with small restaurants (more affordable, in the crazy game that is the NYC restaurant world). However, the downside to small restaurants would be the waiting to get in, but usually there's another place around the corner.

What small restaurant do you like?