Since Hurricane Sandy worked her way through, the city food trucks have been on the front lines feeding the hungry. Of course somebody has to pay for that food! At first the money came from places like indiegogo fundraisers and the Mayor's Fund but lately corporate sponsors have gotten in on the easy good PR. First Jet Blue and Chase got in the game and now here comes a bunch of other companies, including Patrick Stewart life-sapper Time Warner Cable.

The cable company is currently sponsoring a number of food trucks along with Liberty Mutual, Morgan Stanley and Vibe Magazine. Some of the sponsored trucks giving out food twice a day across hard hit areas include Eddie's Pizza, Schnitzels & Things, The Morris Food Truck, Hibachi Heaven, Phil's Steaks, Commecicommeca and Soulaki GR. You can see when and where they will all be through Friday over here [PDF]. And those are just the ones affiliated with TWC! New York Street Food has been trying to keep track of what trucks are giving out free grub where (and sponsored by who)—here's a partial list for just today!

Between this and Time Warner Cable auto-crediting for lost service we're starting to worry that something has gone all Invasion of the Body Snatchers on our favorite company to hate on. And then we remember their actual service and come to our senses.