Back in 2007 Virgin Atlantic and the teashop Tea & Sympathy lobbied unsuccessfully (and somewhat tongue-in-cheek) to have Greenwich Avenue in the West Village renamed "Little Britain." As we said, it was unsuccessful. But something funny happened in the five years since. The area, which already had a few Anglo-friendly spots, went and got more British. Maybe it's time to dust off the old moniker?

Now, beyond the area's many British ex-pats, the strip of Greenwich Avenue (not the Street) has not just Tea & Sympathy for those looking for some British sips and A Salt & Battery for those looking for some fish 'n' chips. It also has Fiddlesticks for those looking for a pint (hey, it's a pub—it feels British). And with the addition the lovely Whitehall a bit further east, you really could spend a day there without worrying about getting any Yankee filth in your stomach. Brunch at Whitehall, tea at Tea, dinner at A Salt, drinks at Fiddlesticks and boom! You've had a British staycation in the Village. And if you wander a bit south, well, there are a lot of other British things you can do (shopping!).

But to make this really work we probably want a few more Angl-o-ptions on the Greenwich Avenue itself. A Marmite pop-up? A Scottish soccer bar? A royal-themed roller derby? The possibilities are endless, and with Downton Abbey still a big thing now seems the time for some enterprising English entrepreneur to strike. We can probably do without another Gordon Ramsay place though. Chop chop, people! Make it so!