• olivegarden_logo.JPGMike Huckabee, featured in a profile in Sunday's New York Times magazine, chose to eat at T.G.I.Friday's when given a choice of lunch spots in Manhattan. The author vetoed his choice, and they ended up at his second choice, the Olive Garden. Politics aside, that's reason enough for us not to vote for the guy. Then again, we're pretty impressed that he lost over 100 pounds and runs marathons despite eating such crap.
  • Gael Greene breaks the news that Esca's Dave Pasternack will open a fish shack at the new Citi Field. Grub Street checks in with Pasternack, who says that "the new Fish Shack would feature 'simple stuff' like fish-and-chips, fried clam sandwiches, and lobster rolls." Sounds delicious, but we'll have to wait until 2010 to eat it, unfortunately.
  • Getting ready for another round of New Year's resolutions? Perhaps losing a few pounds is on the list (again)? Before you go down that road in 2008, take a detour or two and taste New York Mag's high-cal delights. The first on our list is Cafe Gray's foie gras and veal meatloaf: "It’s shaped into miniature loaves, glazed with kecap manis, plunked down in a shallow pool of foie gras emulsion, and, instead of bacon, topped with a nice slice of seared foie We'd also add the chicken liver with schmaltz from Sammy's Roumanian to the list.

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