• New Yorkers may be outraged about the city's attempted regulation of trans fats and mandated calorie posting, but at least our local government isn't going as far as their counterparts in Mississippi. Local legislators are trying to make it illegal for restaurants to serve food to obese patrons to combat the state's high obesity rate; approximately two-thirds of the state's residents are obese according to federal health statistics.
  • Alan Richman, food critic at Bloomberg, has left the building. According to Eater and Grub Street, there is some debate about the circumstances under which he left. While a new replacement is in the works, Peter Eliot will be filling in temporarily.
  • Remember those duck necks we recommended as an unusual Super Bowl snack? Well the gang at Food and Wine got some and were instantly smitten, as were the team at Gourmet. Looks like we'll have to head over to Trestle on Tenth to check them out, stat. Or as soon as we've recovered from last night's Super Bowl gluttony.
  • In case you didn't know, homemade pudding rocks, and the time it takes to make (versus instant) is time well spent. And in case you need to be convinced, just read the gianduja pudding recipe. Drool.

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