• It's Michelin madness! While we gave you the overall rundown yesterday, we wanted to follow up a bit. We noted the loss of a star at Tom Colicchio's Craft. Bruni ponders this change: "Craft’s demotion is more attention-getting. Has it really gone downhill? I hear mixed reports from regulars, and while my most recent meal there, perhaps a year ago, wasn’t as memorable as a meal I had eaten there about two years before that, it was certainly as worthy as meals at Michelin one-star recipients Oceana, Veritas and Fleur de Sel." In the good news category, we were very happy to see props go out to Michael Psilakis' Anthos in the form of a star -- the first Greek Michelin-starred restaurant outside of Greece. Psilakis has also been named Esquire's Best Chef of the Year.
  • In related news, Ed Levine calls out Michelin as being ridiculously antiquated. His picks for spots that should have gotten a star include "Momofuku Ssäm Bar, Esca, the Little Owl, Hearth, and Ouest, to name a few."
  • Speaking of Little Owl, Mouthing Off pays an early visit to "Little Owl-ish" newcomer Shorty's.32 and describes it as "deliciously no-fuss, bound-to-make-me-a-regular."
  • Two-starred Masa may give birth to a downtown offshoot, according to NY Mag's Intelligencer. Masayoshi Takayama supposedly has his eye on the old Honmura An space in Soho.

  • The Wall Street Journal on trashing food bloggers. Really, what's with all the hate?

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