• Attention Pacific Northwest: New Yorkers don't care about your cuisine. None of Jeffrey Chodorow's blogging, full page ads in the Times or other theatrics could save Wild Salmon from its imminent closure. After Eater circulated news of its potential doom, Chodorow issued a statement, published on Grub Street, "Regrettably, we will be closing Wild Salmon after the new year. We were excited about bringing the food and wine of the Pacific Northwest to New York, but, unfortunately, our efforts were unsuccessful." It lasted a mere nine months and is scheduled to close at year's end. It could be that the location, which formerly housed Tuscan Steak and English is Italian, just plain out sucks. Time to update the blog, perhaps?

  • Can't get enough of Mario Batali? Are you still looking for molto? Take a look at Mario Batali Celebrity Rumors -- much safer than going the stalker route and getting yourself slapped with a restraining order.

  • New York Mag has recently launched a recipe database, featuring dishes from chefs across the city (including a few from Mario)

  • Tonight is the first night of Chanukah! Celebrate with some of the best (and cheapest) latkes in Midtown, courtesy of Midtown Lunch.

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