• Bruni puts in his two cents about the latest crop of contestants on Top Chef. Season three premiered earlier this week, and Frank has already highlighted some of his favorites, including CJ ("I've got a false testicle and I'm ready to cook." If only for that quote alone), Hung, and Lia.
  • In a Times Op-Ed, The Zagats tout the idea of a culinary visa program to open up America's tastebuds to something beyond the lackluster Chinese cuisine to which we've become accustomed. Get ready for "tea-flavored dishes from Hangzhou, the cult-inspiring hairy crabs of Shanghai [and] the fabled honeyed ham from Yunnan."
  • The Post dishes about the Spotted Pig's latest restaurant inspection, during which it receive 34 points, putting it over the 27 point pass mark.
  • Gridskipper gives us a roundup of "Brooklyn's best workingman's pizzerias," including Lenny's Pizza, L&B/Spumoni Gardens, and, of course, Di Fara.
  • And speaking of pizza, it'll cost you quite a bit for a slice these days. The Brooklyn Paper spotted a slice at Sal's in Carroll Gardens going for $2.30, and the owner is fearful that rising cheese prices and climbing fuel costs will ultimately raise the price even more.
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Photo courtesy of The Brooklyn Paper