• Did you miss Michael Pollan and Dan Barber discussing sustainable eating last week at the 92nd Street Y? You can catch a video clip on their blog.

  • Fresh Direct is jumping on the sustainability train and fend off some of their criticism from environmentalists by running their delivery trucks on a biodiesel fuel blend. In addition, they have been donating their leftover kitchen cooking oil to the same biodiesel supplier and are introducing technology to limit delivery truck idling, a subject of many complaints.

  • "Fast Casual" dining options are expanding in the city with the influx of chains like Chipotle, Lenny's and Five Guys Burgers. But it seems that some New Yorkers are still misguided as to what they're eating: "'It’s fast, it’s healthy and it’s delicious — that’s all you need,' said Rodney Chassagne, 30, holding a mammoth burrito at the Chipotle on West 48th Street between Seventh Avenue and Avenue of the Americas." Healthy?! Better check out how many calories are in that mammoth burrito there, Rodney.

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