Saturday's Momo Crawl once again shines the spotlight on the classic Tibetan dumplings, which are stuffed with different types of meats and vegetables and either served plainly steamed or sauteed in a special sauce. Beginning at 2 p.m., head to Diversity Plaza at 37th Road at 73rd Street in Jackson Heights, Queens and locate organizer Jeff Orlick. Hand him one bill of any denomination and he'll hand you back a map featuring over 20 different local vendors selling cheap dumplings. From there, amble around the neighborhood and eat as many $1 dumplings as you can shove in your mouth hole.

Today's strong winds are a herald of what's the come so take advantage of the dwindling sunshine and warmth at the Final Outdoor Smorgasburg of the season. On Saturday, the market will set up its final encampment on the Williamsburg waterfront before moving full time to Industry City to wait out winter. Last weekend there was a smaller market than the usual robust showing of food vendors, but the bar was still open and the weather should be cool but clear tomorrow, so a decent day to admire Manhattan from across the East River with a taco in hand.

(©Nick Solares)

A new pastry has been popping up on weekends at Mimi Cheng's, the East Village dumpling spot that's been doing some interesting collaborations as of late. This time it's with il Buco Alimentari's baker Kamel Saci, who's created a matcha croissant baccio—a brioche bread made in a croissant style and filled with a matcha pastry cream—that's available at Mimi Cheng's on Saturdays and Sundays through November. The pastry comes with a shot of housemade almond milk with spirulina, an algae that gives the milk its green color. The duo ring up to $6.

UrbanSpace Vanderbilt just recently joined the ranks of NYC's food halls and they're already launching a brunch program with their many vendors. The brunch, which began last week, runs from 9 a.m. to a very lazy person-friendly 5 p.m. Vendors running specials include Roberta's, who are doing a Speckenegg Pizza, a Green Shakshuka from Mimi's Hummus, parmesan-black pepper scones from Ovenly and Hangover Noodle Soup from Bangkok Bar. Amali Mou will also do a Cucumber Bloody Mary if that's your preferred hangover cure.