If you enjoy a juicy hamburger or a well-seared steak, we'd advise steering clear of any wooded areas unless wearing full protective gear. A type of tick spotted on Long Island called the Lone Star tick can cause its victims to develop an allergy to red meat, reports NBC New York. All in favor of renaming it Vegan's Revenge say aye!

The blood sucking bastards contain an alpha-gal sugar not present in humans that can typically be digested naturally when eaten in meats like beef, rabbit and pork. When the tick bites, however, the human body develops antibodies to the sugar, meaning the next time you reach for a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, your body goes into overdrive trying to fight the sugar. Victims describe swollen appendages, itching, hives and the feeling of being "on fire."

Allergists were initially flummoxed by the reactions, eventually discerning that the sugar was the culprit, in lieu of proteins, which are usually the cause of allergic reactions. One specialist in eastern Long Island has seen almost 200 cases in the past three years and another doctor in Virginia says he sees "two to three new cases every week." There's no indication either way that the allergy is permanent, though some patients "show signs of declining antibodies" over time. In the meantime, enjoy that seitan!