New York (well, New Jersey) is hosting its first Super Bowl ever, and we certainly don't plan to let this occasion pass without some garish revelry. What more appropriate setting from which to wave your wealthy bro flag than aboard the Bud Light Hotel cruise ship, a floating testament to our country's zeal for corporatism, cheap beer and commodification of the American spirit?

Here's what we know: The Bud Light Hotel (BLH) will consist of a massive, German-built cruise ship, as well as the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum next door to its docking site on the Hudson River. It will have room for 4,000 people in 1,900 staterooms, 22 bars and restaurants and will be open to visiting bros and their bromilies from Thursday before the game through Monday. According to USA Today, the BLH will also charmingly feature the Bud Light logo on everything from pillows to hand towels to shampoo bottles, because nothing screams "quality" louder than a Bud.

Anheuser-Busch has reportedly boasted its own hotels in Super Bowl cities since 2010, but this year "decided to go bigger than we've gone before," said Guy Fieri Rob McCarthy, the vice president of Bud Light.

Room rates have not yet been announced, but we're willing to bet they cost more than a few first class tickets to Cold One City and back.