A retrofitted VW Bus will be rolling through Bushwick tonight on a three bar cocktail crawl complete with dancing, costumes and twee photos. The NYPhotoBus, a company that transforms cars into mobile photo booths, has organized the Best of Bushwick Cocktail Tour, a dance party slash scrapbook filler slash fundraiser.

Even if you aren't formally participating, the crew's gonna be hard to miss. The bus'll be blasting some house music between each bar stop, according to Bushwick Daily, and participants are encouraged to wear costumes and dance alongside the bus as it makes its way between stops.

"It's about encouraging and sharing the different ways people express themselves," NYPhotoBus owner Madison Reyes explained. When it's not rolling through the streets to Brooklyn, Melo—the 1964 VW Bus that took eight years to restore—pops up at weddings and special events.

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Should you want to join along in tonight's Bar Crawl Of Self Expression, grab a $40 ticket and head to House of Yes, where the tour kicks off at 7 p.m. From there, the bus rumbles over to Central Station, before reaching its conclusion at Forrest Point. A cocktail sample from each bar is included in the ticket price, as are photos from inside the bus.

The fundraising angle to the evening benefits Ripple Effect Artists, an organization that uses theatre and film to bring about awareness and social change on issues like human trafficking, the group's main focus for this year.