With Empire Biscuit seemingly gone forever, a new restaurant called Post has taken up the biscuit-making mantle in the East Village, opening recently for breakfast (and breakfast for lunch) on Avenue B. The railroad-style restaurant's a collaboration between brotheres Michael Stackleather and Bobby Stackleather along with Franchesca Green, with the former Stackleather telling us they're aiming for American Southern influences with Asian twists "here and there." For now, though, it's all about biscuits.

Beginning at 7 a.m. and running til 4 p.m., the tiny eatery bakes up biscuits and biscuit sandwiches from their "Aunt Merle's recipe." The square offerings can be stuffed with ham and Emmental cheese with mustard and pickles or a classic sausage, egg and cheese offering (both $10). For vegetarians, there's an Avocado Biscuit with egg, avocado, tomato and parmesan, plus a non-biscuit homemade granola with greek yogurt.

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Stackleather says proper lunch and dinner are coming soon, with salads and burgers at the midday meal and a small menu of entrees for after dark. "There will be lots of steamed veggies and gluten free/vegan options. Meat as well," he says. "A banging meatloaf. I hope! Still testing."

Regardless of what's on the menu, it's organic and humaley-raised whenever possible, with much of their ingredients sourced from smaller, local farms.

42 Ave B; post-nyc.com