Vinnie's Pizzeria is really on a roll lately: first, there was the pizza topped with smaller slices of pizza; then, a beautifully-crafted pizza memorial to the late Prince; and it seemed they'd really peaked when they blessed us all last week with a pizza served in a box made of pizza. But the pie's the limit for the beloved Brooklyn pizzeria, and rather than moving on to bigger and better pizza creations, it's turning its attention to minute artistic detail. Behold: the Mini Pizza Box Pizza, the calorie-conscious cousin to its viral predecessor:

Vinnie's co-owner and pizza box mastermind Sean Berthiaume wasn't in this morning, so no word yet on what inspired this latest creation—brainstorming Mother's Day tokens of appreciation? One too many people collapsing from pizza box-induced carb overdoses? Either way, it's pretty adorable, and it'd definitely be hard to say no to a proposal when there's this much pizza artistry involved.

For those wondering what's next from this Picasso of pizza—a pizza-blotting napkin made of pizza? An entire pizzeria made of pizza?—remember that you can't rush genius: as Berthiaume told us when discussing the OG pizza box, "It's a spur of the moment thing, I go in and think, what am I going to do today? Tomorrow's another day, another pizza."