Yesterday Mayor Bloomberg's large sugary drink ban moved a step forward when it entered the public comment period. But the ban, which isn't exactly popular with voters, may have already hit a snag with an important contingent in Hizzoner's coalition of the nannies. Because while you can probably take away New Yorker's large sodas, when you threaten their Frappucinos, well, some people have a cow.

We already know that due to technicalities certain drinks will be exempt from the ban if it becomes law—i.e. 7-Eleven's Big Gulps would be safe because the ban would exempt groceries and convenience stores—but some drinks fall into a grey area that the city is still trying to figure out. Drinks like Starbucks' beloved Frapps.

"This is only one of many very specific questions about very specific, unusual drinks that are likely to arise," Samantha Levine, a city spokeswoman, told the Times of the issue. The thing about the highly customizable Frappucinos is that they are tricky to define—for one thing, drinks that are more than 50 percent milk are exempt from the ban and those things can be quite milky! So "In the case of Starbucks, the city plans to pore over barista training manuals to determine specific quantities of ingredients." Because you know Hizzoner doesn't want to upset the worker drones who need their summer drink caffeine fixes!

Meanwhile, the ban isn't exactly polling great (though not terrible). According to the the latest Quinnipiac University poll New Yorkers oppose the plan 51-46 percent, with men coming in against at 55-41 and women being more open minded with 50-47 approval. As in the last poll, Manhattanites support the ban (55-41) while the residents of other boroughs aren't nearly as happy. In Staten Island the opposition is 65-32! Further, 56 percent of voters say the proposed ban "would not be effective in reducing obesity rates."

Expect to hear a LOT more about this ban in the run up to the public hearing on July 24th (and the final Board of Health vote on September 13). Also, if the ban happens? We predict a MASSIVE jump in milkshake sales next year.