Determined dumpling lovers had many causes for celebration at Saturday's Momo Crawl, where hundreds gathered in Jackson Heights, Queens to down as many dollar dumplings as they could. The wide variety of momo styles were on display, from tightly coiled purses to slippery half moons, plus the spicy sauces and savory sauces to accompany them. The Tibetan dumplings follow no strict parameters that make a momo a momo, which accounts for the differences in shapes and fillings.

This is no ordinary food crawl, however, as attendees were also tasked with determining the best momo of the bunch in a voting process founder Jeff Orlick describes as "controlled chaos." This year, food truck Amdo Kitchen took home first place for their top-knotted beef momo. The team was awarded the coveted Momo Trophy, which takes the form of a golden momo atop a pedestal.

Now that you're technically armed with the Momo Map, you can make your own personal Momo Crawl until the event returns next year.