New York City boasts the best bagels in the world. Hands down, no arguments (pipe down, Canada). For generations, the idea that NYC water makes our bagels (and pizza) the very best has been pervasive, with bakeries outside of the city even trying to replicate our famously delicious H2O.

But now, thanks to food science and the below YouTube video by Reactions, we know that it's not only the water that plays a role in our superlative ringed bread product. It's also about methodology and patience, as crafting the ideal bagel requires both skill and time, as laid out in the video. You've got to have the right process of "rolling, proofing, boiling and baking" to get it just right.

So there you have it. NYC bagel makers care enough to handle their dough over several days to ensure the perfect puff and sheen. Hear that, wannabees? That's us calling you lazy.