For their next installment of milkshake this, Black Tap—the burgary turned 2,500 calorie Instagram bait pushers—takes the hometown angle, partnering with Brooklyn-born Junior's for a milkshake/cheesecake mashup.

Take a look at The New Yorker Shake, a strawberry "Crazy Shake"—the parlance they use to describe...stuff like this—rimmed with vanilla frosting and graham crackers and capped off with a slice of Junior's Strawberry Cheesecake and a jaunty dollop of whipped cream. Is it still a milkshake when you need to employ a fork to eat said milkshake? Questions for future generations.

During the first weekend of March (3/3/-3/5), all locations of Black Tap and two Junior's locations in NYC (the Brooklyn flagship and Times Square) will offer the shake. If you can agree to part with $19 (a regular slice at Junior's is about $8, for reference), this sip and slice of future heart disease can be yours.