A couple of weeks ago the excellent Asian bakery and cafe Bibble and Sip, already a favorite among NYC pastry freaks for its cute macarons, jumbo cream puffs, and stellar Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookies, jumped headfirst into the city's sando scene and, with this stunning egg salad number, instantly changed the game.

It's a brilliant debut for Gary Chan's semi-venerable confectionery and coffee shop. The Midtown original has been around nearly five years, though the bright and spacious Chinatown outpost opened only last spring. While the egg salad sandwich bears an obvious resemblance to the one at Konbi in Los Angeles that blew up on Instagram last year, it really is its own beast.

For one thing, Chan and his team make their own milk bread, and it's wonderfully soft, slightly sweet, and improbably light. It's moist and yielding without sticking to the roof of your mouth, and it holds up well to all the gloppy goodness within. Like the Konbi version, Bibble and Sip cooks its eggs two ways, hard-boiled for the mashed-up egg salad, and more soft-boiled for that dramatic cross-section piece.

Seedy mustard gives the thing some tang, bits of celery add brightness and crunch, and the generous slather of mayo gives it a nice little kick: at the Midtown location it's infused with cayenne; on Hester Street there's Sriracha in the mix, though it's added with restraint, and in no way overwhelms. A single sandwich is plenty filling, and a real value at only five bucks a pop. Is the Chinatown version *slightly* better? Why yes, it is. But only slightly.

In addition to all the great pastries and this new delicious Egg Sando, Bibble and Sip also sells a full array of hot and cold tea, coffee, and matcha drinks. There are also alpaca designs all over the place, and there's no real significance or deeper meaning to these particular beasts beyond the fact that Chan just really likes them.

Midtown and Chinatown Egg Sandos ($5.43 each)

Bibble and Sip is located at 253 West 51st Street, just east of Eighth Avenue, and at 174 Hester Street between Mulberry and Mott. (646-649-5116; bibbleandsip.com)