When is a hot dog not a hot dog? When it's an ice cream sandwich. Yes, sandwich.

This weekend, when everyone's setting their dogs on fire on the grill, Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream and Daniel Boulud are cooling things down with the DBGB Cool Dog, an ice cream-based creation invented by Boulud and Nicholas Morgenstern. A log of frozen creme anglaise takes the place of the tubular meat, making this a vegetarian-friendly way to celebrate hot dog season.

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The sweet treat is served on an Epicerie Boulud brioche bun—points for restraint!—and topped with "traditional" fixings like candied green cabbage and squirts of spicy honey mustard and blackberry-raspberry ketchup—minus the tomato.

Grab the not dog ($7.50) at Morgenstern's July 1st through July 4th and at DBGB July 1st through July 3rd.