Until such a time as Star Trek replicators make it possible to instantly gorge on whatever monstrosity Guy Fieri is touting on late night food television, there's only one opportunity to instantly eat something you're drooling over with your eyes. The Food Film Fest allows attendees to "taste what you see on the screen," from barbecue to oysters, ramen to matcha. This is Movie Theater Dining: The Next Generation.

This year's fest offers five immersive experiences, beginning with Tender: Stories Of Love And Meat tomorrow night, where the four films chronicle things like Central Texas Barbecue and The Science of the Burger. While viewing the films, gnaw on traditional Texas BBQ from Kreuz Market and others, plus Schweid & Sons sliders and other dishes projected on the silver screen.

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Next up, their signature Food Porn Party, bringing "another steamy night of extreme eats, close-ups, and food burlesque." Get all up in Cocolo Ramen, Pasta with Ratatouille and Rosemary Gin Smash, among others, while slurping ramens from Yosuke Sumida and Keizo Simamoto, pasta creations by Night Kitchen and a "unique treat from Chef Amanda Cohen of Dirt CANDY."

On Saturday, it's the Edible Adventure #013 Hungry For Love screenings, with profiles of Brooklyn Brewery's Garrett Oliver and Liddabit Sweets' Liz Gutman, plus Matcha: an Ippodo story and a short film about dining off the 125th Street A train stop. Eats include a traditional tea tasting from the Ippodo Company, soul food from Manna's in Harlem, plus Thai fare from Michelin-starred Uncle Boons.

There are tickets available for all of the week's events, including some VIP options and a festival-wide pass to screen all the films and eat all the food for $449. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit Billion Oyster Project and other food-centric charitable organizations.