Forget the beloved BEC for a sec, you can now have ice cream for breakfast.

For $5, you can pick up a Sicilian Breakfast Sandwich at Pasta Flyer. The miniature brioche bun features vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry gelato, Neapolitan style. The unconventional breakfast is topped off with strawberry compote.

But why is a pasta place selling ice cream for breakfast? Have we officially lost our minds?

"It's a summertime tradition in Palermo," said Mark Ladner, chef and founder of Pasta Flyer. "People in Palermo actually eat ice cream for breakfast."

The Sicilian tradition of breakfast ice cream sandwich is indeed a thing, and it's typically served on brioche.

(Madeleine Crenshaw/Gothamist)

While they planned to originally only sell the sandwiches between 8 and 10 a.m. (for a "cool down from your morning commute"), Ladner told us they will be serving the sandwiches outside its flagship store on 6th Avenue and 14th Street all day. The quick-serve pasta joint plans to offer them up for a week, but may continue to sell them throughout the summer, depending on whether New Yorkers can handle the challenge of eating ice cream so early.

(Madeleine Crenshaw/Gothamist)

Pasta Flyer is located at 510 6th Avenue.