It's Hot Dog Season! And the Brooklyn Diner (located in Times Square...) dedicated its famous 15-bite All Beef Hot Dog to Brooklyn-born Tony-nominated Harvey Fierstein yesterday. Why? Something about it being the 30th anniversary of his first Tony nomination but that doesn't really even make sense, so we think it's just because the world needed more humorous hot dog photos—it's been a while since Michelle Bachmann went to that state fair.

So click through for a look at Fierstein and many, many giant hot dogs. Those people surrounding him are audience members from yesterday's matinee performance of Kinky Boots.

The 15-Bite Brooklyn Diner Harvey Hot Dog (as it is now called) costs $18.50, and is served on a brioche bun with a side of frizzled onion rings, warm juniper berry sauerkraut, and pickled relish.