Live in NYC and try to eat somewhat healthy? You’ve probably experienced the following:

- Paid $6 for one mediocre tomato at the corner store
- Planned an entire day around when the Trader Joe’s line will be shortest
- Juggled multiple grocery bags home on the subway
- Realized you don’t have a plan for the groceries you just bought

It’s no wonder we’re a city known for delivery; regularly eating fresh food in NYC can be way too expensive, stressful, and just...hard. Luckily, that’s why NYC-based company Hungryroot exists.

Hungryroot is a brand of seriously good, seriously healthy food that suggests what you’ll like based on your dietary needs (like if you don’t eat meat, or are allergic to nuts). Then, Hungryroot gives you simple recommendations to mix and match your foods so you always have what you need to make something fresh and nutritious.

It’s as if your grocery store only stocked healthy stuff, knew what you liked, delivered it to you, and suggested how to use all your products together. Game-changing, right?


Hungryroot makes six types of foods designed to work together:

1.) Fresh-Cut Veggies

What it is: Vegetables that are washed, peeled, chopped, and ready to cook (like broccoli rice, sweet potato ribbons, and kohlrabi noodles).
How it makes your life better: No slicing, spiralizing, or extra dirty dishes—because when you get home at 9pm, you don’t feel like julienning a carrot.

2.) Grains & Pastas

What it is: Whole grains (including gluten-free options) like fonio, quinoa, and brown rice—plus pasta made from plants.
How it makes your life better: The grain blends are ready in 90 seconds, and the pastas are just as tasty as the traditional kind, but packed with way more nutrients.

3.) Protein

What it is: Fully cooked, sustainably sourced salmon, chicken sausage, and more—plus plenty of plant-based options like tofu and seasoned beans.
How it makes your life way better: It’s all ready to heat and eat, and it’s all made from clean, thoughtful ingredients.

4.) Sauces

What it is: Instant flavor.
How it makes your life better: Ever stare at the broccoli in your fridge without feeling totally excited to eat it? Add sauce (like Thai Peanut or magically dairy-free Cashew Cheddar) and that will change.

5.) Grab-and-Go

What it is: Simple, ready-to-eat snacks. Think: grain-free granola, green juice, soups, and salads.
How it makes your life way better: With a few of these in your kitchen, you’ll always have something healthy at the ready.

6.) Sweets

What it is: Wholesome sweets, like the brand’s cult-favorite Almond Chickpea Cookie Dough and Black Bean Brownie Batter (both of which can be eaten raw or baked).
How it makes your life way better: Like all Hungryroot foods, their sweets are free of refined sugar and trans fat—and instead, made from good-for-you ingredients like legumes and nut butter.

Ready to give it a try (and give up your grocery stress)? Check out today and get 20% off your first 2 boxes with code GOTHAMIST.

This post is written by Gothamist sponsorship staff on behalf of Hungryroot.