Ticking all of the boxes mandated by the Cronut Act Of 2013—the mashing together of two food items, a zesty portmanteau, photo-ready construction—we have Stuffed Ice Cream, a shop making donut ice cream sandwiches they're calling "Cruffs." That's "cream" smushed together with "stuffed."

"I wanted to come up with a name that was catchy and sounded like a real word," according to co-owner Alan Yaung, who opened Stuffed Ice Cream at the end of July.

There are only glazed or non-glazed plain donuts available at the moment, but the shop offers 13 different ice cream flavors including white chocolate lavender and Thai iced tea. The split open sandwiches can be further dressed with mochi bits, or sprinkles, or crushed cookies or cereal. Cereal: so hot right now.

Yaung and his team make both the donuts and the ice cream in-house and there are plans to expand the donut offerings and the glazes. The Cruffs are $6.50 each plus tax but they'll also serve you a single scoop for $4.25 in a sugar cone or in a specialty cone for another $1.75.

Stuffed Ice Cream isn't the first to dabble with donuts in ice cream sandwich creation, but they're one of the few making an entire business around it. What a world.

139 First Avenue; Facebook