Remember over the summer when we were all terribly excited about all the cicadas we were going to eat once they blanketed the earth? And the relief we felt when we wouldn't have to, because there was, in fact, no Cicadapocalypse to behold in the first place? "I would totally have eaten them" you bragged to your incredulous friends and office mates. "I mean I would just go down to Chinatown and buy some dried ones, but they're so much better fresh, you know." Well good (bad) news for you and your hubris: You can't eat cicadas, but you can make good on all your posturing with a delicious grasshopper burger!

The sandwich, called the Grass-Whopper, was served to 193 "delegates" over the weekend at the People's United Nations, a theater event and exhibit hosted by Mexican artist Pedro Reyes at the Queens Museum. The wheat pitas used for buns are smeared in chipotle-mayo, and Queso Chihuahua was used to adhere the otherwise crumbly insects into patty form, like delicious glue.

The thing is topped with onion, romaine lettuce and heirloom tomatoes, and you didn't miss your chance to try it over the weekend: As of today, the dish is available at Antojeria La Popular, located at 50 Spring Street near Mulberry. (Which also serves cricket tacos, for a fully thematic insect meal.) The dish comes with three sliders, so everyone can participate.

Still hungry? We have it on good authority that cricket protein bars make an excellent dessert. [h/t Grub Street]