Why drink out of a cocktail glass when you can drink out of a trophy? That's the question posed by Avenue A newcomer Drexler's, a cocktail bar that's serving one of its signature drinks out of a skull-sized glass shaped like a trophy. "This cocktail is only for winners!" the drink challenges. Because nothing says "winning" like waking up on your bathroom floor using the shower curtain as a slanket.

The "Employee of the Month" ($26) ostensibly serves two alcoholics champions with its potent liquid filling of Mount Gay Black barrel rum, Oloroso Sherry, passion fruit, orgeat, lime and pineapple. You'll most certainly need two hands to lift it, lest you be crushed by the weight of all that glass, ice and booze.

Darin Rubell and Dustin Olson—who spiced up Bushwick with delicious milk punches at their spot Forrest Point—have set out to merge the neighborhood pub with highfalutin cocktail culture. They're offering mixology-type drinks ($10-$13) like the Fear Of Commitment with gin, gran classico and sherry in a bi-level tavern space decked out with church pews, wrought iron fixtures and exposed brick. In short, no secret entrances or velvet drapes in sight.

The food menu is kind of a DIY adventure in cheese and charcuterie; pick however many "portions" you want of each item and they'll also give you bread and a spread to go with it. It's unclear how well dainty Coppa Calabrese, Ricotta with truffle honey and a fistful of baguette will prevent you from drowning in that trophy monstrosity, but the effort is appreciated.

9 Avenue A, 646-524-5226; website

Drexler's Cocktails