Many of us thought we'd never have to see Donald Trump's bloated face again after the election. We were wrong—and we'll probably be seeing Trump's face every single day for the next four years.

Looking away isn't really an option—at least, not if you want to stay up-to-date on just how quickly the world is ending, whether we've finally bombed the shit out of ISIS, what Barron "Cyber" Trump is up to, or the Trump-Putin buddy comedy that as of right now, only exists in my most vivid nightmares.

Thankfully, Australian burger joint Mr. Burger has created a Chrome extension, called Make Trump Burger Again, that replaces Trump's ragged visage with a delicious burger. That way, you can keep reading the news without ever having to look at Trump's weird eyebrows or the way he purses his lips ever again.

Then again, this could also backfire and condition you to hate burgers. So there's that.