Though the faux-analog aesthetic has been well-mined by myriad nostalgic Brooklyn video artists, this local TV-inspired commercial for Bushwick's Bootleg Bar breathes new life into the genre. Full of grainy VHS effects and led by friendly host Bobby Rich, it's part horror show, part genius, and definitely belongs in either the Library of Congress or one of those golden discs we put on space probes to teach aliens about what life's like down on Earth.

In reality, Bootleg has always been a friendly place, but this video will fuck you up. You want gluten free organic ice? You want Bloody Marys made with real blood? You want flaming Hot Tecates? You want a bar with a doorknob? Well, Bootleg promises to have all that and more, and if anything you should pay them a visit just to congratulate them on a job well done with this video (also, much respect to director Horatio Baltz). Just don't forget to tip, asshole!

Bootleg Bar, 1438 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn // Open 5 p.m. - 4 a.m. daily

[h/t Brokelyn]