There are almost as many different styles of pizza in NYC as there are personal opinions about pizza—dollar slices, Detroit style, thing-crust pizza, sourdough pizza, and of particular interest to the slice at hand, obscene pizza. That's the term I use whenever I am confronted with a variation of pizza that exists on a sliding scale from decadent to absolutely disgusting. Think the inception pizza, or the $38 personal pie, or the 24K gold foie gras pizza.

When pizza is treated as more of a challenge to the eater than an actual meal, it is obscene pizza. And recently we learned of perhaps the most obscene pizza available in NYC today: the cheeseburger pizza from Champion Pizza.

The 40 lb. cheeseburger pizza consists of six layers and takes three hours to make, according to founder and CEO of Champion Pizza, Hakki Akdeniz. "We like to do fun things, and people had been asking us to put a burger on the menu," Akdeniz told NBC. "So I was like, let’s come up with something cool and that people will think is fun."

The baking process starts by melting mozzarella cheese atop a plain pizza crust base, followed by lettuce, tomato, onions, and crumbled beef, followed by another layer of mozzarella cheese and American cheese slices and ketchup. Another crust is added, then all of that is repeated four times. For the fifth layer, a 10-pound Kobe beef patty is added, which is then topped by yet another pepperoni pizza.

The whole thing costs $2,000; Akdeniz told US Weekly that they've sold three to five cheeseburger pizzas per week since they started serving them last month.

Now on the plus side, while the actual food is completely decadent and insane and dear god no one should ever try to eat this on their own or in front of another living human being, it is for a good cause: all proceeds from the pizza abomination will go directly to those affected by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

So if you have a family of Gremlins to feed and/or a sado-masochistic relationship with your own body, you only have until next week to try it.