Over the course of modern history, our finest food scientists have struggled to keep up with humankind's demand for more and more elaborate pizzas to sate our desire for cheese-tomato-bread hybrids. That has led to the creation of pizza-adjacent concoctions both brilliant and wildly misguided, from Inception Pizza to Hawaiian Pizza, from Russian Nesting Doll Pizza to Pizza Bagels. Now, Sofia Pizza Shoppe has jumped into the pizza wars with their own contribution, one that substitutes pizza innovation for pizza exclusivity: the $38 pizza.

The Times has a story on the Sutton Place pizzeria's $38 pizza, which requires an online ticket purchase and is available only a few nights each week (for a limited number of seatings). The pie, which has been compared to a soufflé due to its fluffiness, is called DoughDici; the Times describes it as "a two-inch-tall, puffy-crust pizza with a crisp edge and a blanket of red sauce, fresh mozzarella and grated cheeses."

"We didn’t set out to create a pizza event, but once we realized that we wanted it to be an in-house-only pie to best ensure quality, we decided it needed to be a bit more experiential," Thomas DeGrezia, one of the co-owners of the shop, told them. "Since our shop is so small, we added the stools, reservations and drinks."

The reason the pizza is so costly, they say, is because the dough is cold-fermented for three days before it is allowed to rise in a oil-lined pan with grated cheese for 12 hours (this provides the fluffy dough for the six-slice pizza). In addition, they use imported flours, "imported, unfiltered, organic Sicilian olive oil," and four different kinds of cheese. Included in the price are two nonalcoholic drinks as well.

So when you break it down, six slices for $38 is just over $6 a slice, which is still expensive, but it is not close to Caviar Pizza or 24-Karat Gold Leaf Pizza-levels of decadent. But the price is expected to go up (DeGrezia noted, "It’s just way too much work for the price. It’s not going to skyrocket, but it is going to be a bit more") and seating is limited, so make sure to book a time here if you want to take the plunge.