From www.atlanticave.orgGothamist doesn't miss the tired, Yuppie whining and complaining which spewed from Michael, Hope, Elliot and company in the 1980's TV hit "thirtysomething." But, we do recognize the importance of that landmark time in life.

30 is an acheivement. You've made it past that first NYC apartment - the nasty fifth floor walk-up, the size of a closet, which you actually shared with a roommate. You've finally eaten at a restaurant other than Dojo and have imbibed somewhere beyond the beer-soaked bars that line Bleecker Street.

And so, would 30 be just as much a turning point for Brooklyn's largest street fair, the Atlantic Antic? With the festival turning the big 3 - 0 last Sunday, Gothamist paid a visit to find out.

Although marred by a few typical Peruvian sweater stalls and sausage & pepper stands, the Antic is still holding up very nicely - if not actually hitting its prime. The vittles selection seemed as varied and tasty as ever, from the Kentucky Beer Cheese offered by the folks at Floyd NY to homemade Walnut Baklava and juicy Shwarma sandwiches from the Oriental Pastry & Grocery. Even Atlantic Avenue restaurants that are still under wraps got into the game, including the yet-to-open Spanish spot La Mancha, taking up where the shuttered Meson Flamenco left off, grilling up spicy chorizo and pouring soothing sangria. However, it should be noted that Flamenco's famed grilled sardines were sorely missed.

From what Gothamist could see, the milestone age of the festival didn't seem to hurt anyone's appetite either - 865 pulled-pork sandwiches and 12 gallons of gumbo were sold at Pete's Waterfront Alehouse and Steve's Authentic Key Lime Pie stand sold 1200 tart tarts in a matter of a few hours. And, most importantly, Eric "Badlands" Booker's hunger was in fine form. As predicted, Booker once again "brought home the gold" in the Antic's World Cheesecake-Eating Championship, this time wolfing down a record 7 pounds of cheesecake in six minutes.

So, in short: Gothamist didn't really have much to complain about when it came to this year's Atlantic Antic. We can't speak for Michael, Hope and Elliot.