Rockefeller Center Western-themed tourist trap Johnny Utah's just can't catch a break. Despite the fact that those who choose to ride the bar's mechanical bull are asked to sign a waiver the bar has now been smacked with not one, not two, but three lawsuits relating to injuries caused by the robotic cattle.

38-year-old Christopher Haynes says he suffered a fracture of his left tibial plateau on January 7 after "he was sent flying before even getting a chance to settle on top of the mechanical menace," and now he wants the bar to pay up unspecified damages. Haynes claims that he is "permanently disabled" because of the mishap and was "confined to a bed" as a result.

"Before he was actually seated or had obtained a grasp on the grip, the operator started up the mechanical bull and Haynes was immediately and violently thrown off," the suit says.

Haynes lawyer says he does not know if his client signed the bar's standard release for riding the bull, or if he had been drinking when he got on. But he doesn't seem too worried about that detail. Part of the suit claims that Johnny Utah's lacks the proper liability insurance and licensing to operate the bull.

When we called Johnny Utah's for comment we were asked to call back later.